Copyright ©, limitation of liability and data protection

Copyright ©

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) respects all third-party rights, in particular rights relating to works protected by copyright (information or data, wordings and depictions, to the extent that these are of an individual character).

On its website, the SNB provides information and data. Such information and data may be saved, translated (with reference to the source), transmitted or used in other ways, for non-commercial purposes, compatible with the purpose of such information or data. Moreover, links to the SNB website may be created, provided, however, that any false or misleading impression as to the existence of any business or other connection with the SNB is avoided.

To the extent that the information and data clearly derive from outside sources, the users of such information and data are obliged to respect any existing copyrights and to obtain the right of use from the relevant outside source themselves.

Limitation of liability

The SNB accepts no responsibility for any information made available on its website. Under no circumstances can it accept any liability for losses or damage which may result from the use of, or the information obtained from, the SNB website or from links to other websites. This limitation of liability applies, in particular, to the topicality, accuracy, validity and availability of the information. Please refer to the official printed publications.

Data protection

The transfer of personal data via the internet is carried out at your own risk. The SNB will use your data in accordance with the purpose intended and will keep it confidential. In particular, such data will not be passed on to third parties. The SNB is subject to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

Copyright: Swiss National Bank, Zurich/Berne (Switzerland) 2014